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Trading Places International is an exchange program that provides members the ability to trade (exchange) their vacation ownership for a 7-night vacation at another resort around the world.

Trading Places International membership is provided through your home resort HOA. You are automatically enrolled in Trading Places International LEGACY with your timeshare ownership.

International timeshare exchange networks offer vacation owners the flexibility and opportunity to afford worldwide travel with their timeshare ownership. Trading Places International includes a vast network of over 4,300 affiliated resorts where members can use their vacation ownership to book a vacation.

Trading Places International Program

Trading Places International program offers industry-leading benefits for its members providing unlimited travel flexibility around the world, including:

  • No additional membership fee
  • The lowest exchange fees in the industry
  • Global travel with a network of resorts around the world
  • Ability to search before you deposit and book
  • Access to all resorts regardless of what you own
  • 5 years to use the points you have banked
  • A generous cancellation policy

Exchanging simply gives you a wider choice of destinations for your travel using your vacation ownership. If you choose to deposit your ownership, you are choosing to travel outside of your home resort using that deposit.

Explore all our resort destinations on the map after logging in to your Trading Places International account.


All owner weeks/points, whicc are valid within the current use year, may be deposited in your Trading Places International account.

No. You are only limited by your vacation ownership and can deposit all eligible weeks/points into the program.

No. All deposits of weeks/points into Trading Places International are final. You have up to 5 years to use the Trading Places International Tier from the date of deposit.

Exchange Travel

Yes. You can use your exchange membership to book reservations for anyone you like; however, you will have to pay a nominal guest fee if you are not traveling on that reservation.

Tiers and Seasonal/Unit Upgrades


You may book any reservation up to the Tier value of your deposit. So yes, you may use a Tier 6 deposit for a Tier 3 reservation. However, you will forfeit the remaining value. We recommend that you search first before depositing your points so you may deposit the number of points equal to your travel reservation.

No. To reserve the Trading Places International Tier 2 resort, you would use one of the Tier 1 deposits and then pay the Seasonal/Resort upgrade fee.

Program Fees

No. Trading Places International LEGACY is a benefit of your timeshare ownership and is included in your HOA dues/fees.


Cancellation Policy
Lead Days
100% Tier
-1 Tier*
-2 Tier*
No refund
* If a cancellation were to cause a member's Tier to reduce to less than 1, the member will retain one Tier 1 credit.

No. Reservation protection is not available online at this time.

Customer Support

Your HOA owner services representative can assist you with all of your travel needs, including home resort reservations and exchange travel.

Trading Places International members have full access to the same inventory as the Owner Services team.

All Trading Places International reservations must be made online or by calling your HOA owner services representative.

Banking your points as part of your home resort ownership (e.g. Calypso Cay) allows you to travel to your home resort under your ownership contract rules (e.g. 2 years). Depositing your ownership in the Trading Places International allows you to use your ownership to travel anywhere within the travel network and is subject to applicable exchange program fees.


Yes - Trading Places International is powered by RCI giving you access to their entire network of affiliated resorts.

You are welcome to independently join RCI membership or another global exchange network at your discretion and subject to applicable membership fees and program rules.